Chocolate Dispenser


Hot chocolate machine for mixing and dispensing thick hot chocolate and other hot drinks. Versatile, reliable, small and easy to use. Stylish, large capacity of product, increases sales and simply makes your job easy.
Transparent removable bowls, adjustable drink temperature.

Voltage: 230V.-50Hz 115V.-60Hz

Weight: 7 Kg.

Capacity: 5 Lt.

Size: H.49cm - D.32- W.24




Super compact hot chocolate machine.

Designed for mixing and dispensing an espresso like thick Italian hot chocolate.

The double circulating paddle in the dispenser stirs and tempers an extraordinary thick and rich hot chocolate drink.

Stainless steel body unit, removable container for easy cleaning.

Voltage: 230V.-50/60Hz 110V.-60Hz

• Power (watt): 1000 W.
• Weight: 6 Kg.
• Capacity: 6 Lt.
• Size H.49cm - L.20 - W .30



2 product boxes each for approx. 1,4 kg

12,5 cm height of outlet

2,5 l boiler, threefoldly isolated

1.600 watt heating energy

22 l hourly output